Shanti Moksha is the name of our project and with it is our wish to transmit Peace and Freedom through Mantras.

It is always worthy believing and trusting in ourselves and what we can do when we really like something.

Just believe and never give up. After a few years of experiences lived and felt, tastes in common, it was possible to put into practice a project that was idealized long ago. Our past as musicians, allied with a strong connection to nature, yoga, meditation, surfing and after an inspirational musical moment for both in May 2016, led us to a question:

"Why not do a Mantra project?"

That´s how Shanti Moksha was born.

Our intention and the reason we are reciting Mantras is essentially to increase physical and mental benefits. In the first concerts we experienced good feelings, good moods, tranquility, mental and physical relaxation, and, above all, a lot of joy. This harmony was experienced and felt by us and by the public. This is a project of sharing emotions and feelings through music.


Paulo Cadete e Rui Pereira

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